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If you have any questions concenring the college or the courses, please peruse the FAQ section below and if you cannot find your questions answered here, send us your questions by filling in the query form below.


Where is the course held?

The course is held at the United Muslims Association(UMA) centre: 36 Josephine St Riverwood.

What days and time are the classes held?

Students are required to attend every class either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 6.30pm to 9:30pm depending on what year they are in. Each class will have 3 periods, which includes 2 short break between periods for prayers and snacks.

How long does the course go for?

Sydney Islamic College offers its course over a 2 year period. Each year is divided into 4 terms, with each term comprising of 10 weeks. Students will have a 1 to 2 week holiday after each term, excluding the third term where 6 weeks will be given due to Ramadan.

How do students enrol for the course?

Students are urged to enrol online at Sydney IC. Students must enrol before the term begins. Each student will be issued with access to the Student Portal for reviewing recorded lectures.

I can't afford the course, what do I do?

Sydney IC has scholarship programs in place to allow students who are struggling financially to pursue studies at the college. At the time of application, email scholarships to request for a scholarship.

Can I study from home?

Yes! Sydney IC offers students who cannot attend class the opportunity to study by distance. Students who wish to study by distance must meet the selection criteria in order to be accepted as a distance student. Students will have access to all course notes, books, audio and video material.

Can I still enrol if I have missed a few terms?

Yes! We structured our course in way which allows students to commence their studies at the beginning of any term. Subjects which were missed will be revisted after the course is completed.

Is there child minding service available?

Unfortunatley Sydney IC has no facility in place for child minding. We urge students who have children and cannot attend for this reason to apply to study by distance.

Are the classes segregated?

Men and woman have their own rooms. The woman have an audio and video feed and both men and woman have access to seperate toilets.

How do I catch up if I am absent?

All students will have access to audio files and study notes for each lesson via the web.

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