Shariah Course

Islamic Studies

Sydney IC offers their students a structured 2 year course night time or 3 year course daytime (Sisters Only), comprising of 7 core subjects and 22 modules.

Location and time

The College Campus is located at the UMA Centre.

Classes are held either Tuesday or Wednesday between 6:30pm and 9:40pm

Each week there will be three sessions, each session covering one module.

Sisters Day Shariah Class

Sisters ONLY Class is held every Wednesday between 10:00am to 12:00pm

Each week there will be two sessions, each session covering one module.

Admission - Course Pre-requisites/Requirements

Sydney Islamic College has made enrolling easy for you. This is the first step in becoming a student at Sydney IC. Please take your time to read through the course pre-requisties and requirements before completing the application form.

While there are no formal academic pre-requisites students are expected to have a general understanding of basic Islamic teachings and principles. Many of the fundamental teachings of Islam will be assumed knowledge and will not be covered within the scope of this course:

  • Due to the level of intensity of the course, it is anticipated that the course will not be suitable for students under the age of 16. The college however will be offering alternative courses in the near future specifically catered for those students who are under the age of 16 and are keen on studying various Islamic Sciences.
  • A good behaviour record in the community.

Note: Students who are concerned about not meeting the prerequisites for this course are encouraged to contact the course coordinator before applying.


Sydney Islamic College has devised its fee structure in order to accomodate each and every individual registration fees are to be paid before the term commences in order for us to finalise positions of the classes.

The fees are as follows:
Registration fee $25.00
Cost per module $60.00

Note: (Registration fee waived for students who pay term charges before commencement of course)


Students are required to purchase texbooks for each subject. These books will be sufficient for the entire 2 years. Textbooks can be purchased from the administration desk between 6.00pm and 6.45pm before each class.

Payment Plans

Any students who are unable to pay the course fees, may approach the admin team to discuss and set up an appropriate payment plan. Sydney IC does not discourage any person who wants to learn.

All money collected will be used to further develop the college and the UMA centre.